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Kayak Escort Fees

Fees for Jeff Kozlovich and or Steve Haumschild as kayak escorts

1 day= 18 hours,
 1 escort/day= $850
 2 escorts/day= $1250/day
 18-24 hours is additional $75/hr. for 2 or $50/hr./1
 Single escorts are not required to be in the water the entire time, but will
 escort launches, landings and when the boat is not nearby.
 Feedings from boat
 Swimmers call the day with advice from Escort Kayakers.
 Escorts choose launch/land location based on boat pilot recommendations
 Escorts to maintain First Aid/CPR.
 Escorts travel with the swimmer. So if the swimmer fly's to Molokai and
 stays the night, so does the escort (fees covered by swimmer). Escort to
 make arrangements for shuttles and other logistics for swimmer


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