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Saturday, March 9, 2013

FAQs for the Ka'iwi Channel swim

From day one we've been getting lots of questions and comments. For starters:
The KA'IWI Channel?
No way!!
You can't be serious?
Yes, the Ka'iwi channel. Yes way and yes, we're serious.

Are you going to require USMS membership?
NO. We thought we might go that way at first but you do not need any swim organization membership to race in the 1st annual Ka'iwi Channel Swim.

There are various distances given for the Ka'iwi Channel online. Just how far is it?
Usually the channel swimming rules use the shortest distance across the channel. The Ka'iwi Channel Swim will not go the shortest route and we just wanted everyone to have an accurate distance for this race.  From the start in front of the Kaluakoi Resort to the finish at Sandy Beach Park on Oahu, it is 28 miles in a straight line measured with Google Earth. Its isn't very likely you will go in a straight line but plan accordingly.

Other team swim races have a given time that each swimmer needs to be in the water. In the Ka'iwi Channel Swim - no rules?
Just one. Everyone on the team has to swim. No length of time in the water is required. Makes for some interesting strategy.

How do we get to the swim start on Molokai?
If you aren't lucky enough to live on Oahu then you will be flying into Honolulu or Maui and staying at one of the many excellent hotels or condos on the islands. From there you need to get to Molokai. You can do this as far in advance as you want but all swimmers must be in the Kaluakoi Resort area on Molokai the evening before the race. Make reservations in advance to fly to Molokai, the flights the day before may be full. Your escort boat is always an option.
From the airport on Molokai, cabs and shuttles are available to get to the Kaluakoi resort area and the swim start.
After you register, we'll send you info on where to stay on Molokai.

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