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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Linda Kaiser First to Register for the Ka'iwi Channel Swim

Last Friday, the 15th of March and the day registration opened, I got up early to check the website to see if we had any really anxious swimmers who wanted to be first in line.
There were a few. 
I had a good long smile when I saw the first to register for the Ka'iwi Channel Swim was Linda Kaiser. She is the most accomplished open water swimmer from Hawaii and was also the first person to swim all of the Hawaiian Channels. Mike Spalding is the only other person to swim them all. 
Here's the list:

Linda is also the welcoming committee for all Ka'iwi Channel swimmers. Every time I escort a swimmer across the Ka'iwi Channel, Linda is waiting on shore with a smile and a warm towel.  She is not only an amazing swimmer but also a really great lady who wants to give back to those following in her wake. And that's where most other swimmers are. 

She obviously wanted to be the first to register (and somehow managed it a full week before registration was open!) and only said "I'm putting a team together."  

Anybody who thinks they might win this race better pay close attention to the team Linda puts together.


  1. What do I have to do to apply to be a part of Linda's team?! She's definitely a hero of mine!

  2. I'd try telling her right here like you just did. I'll remind her in case she isn't checking this post. Good luck!
    Also I'd post that on our Facebook page. See upper right.