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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Best Reason to do this Race ( For the T-shirt! )

There are a lot of valid reasons for participating in a swim like this. We're working hard and  hope its going to be one of those bucket-list races, one you just have to do at least once before you die. Molokai to Oahu, one of the most challenging channels on the planet, spectacularly beautiful and right in the middle of the largest ocean on the planet. It will never be a big race, just a special experience for a few brave souls.
For some its just the next step up. An apex race for those few who have earned the right to compete at the highest level.
Ego too, is a reason. Just how serous are you about this open water swimming? Not as serious as those few who do this race.
Then there's the T-shirt. A tangible expression of all the above that few people will ever have. Better yet, to proudly wear the t-shirt from the very first year. Wow.
Here's a rough draft. We welcome any help or advice.


  1. dood, you know even if I can't make it (money please fall out of the sky now) I can totally help you with the Tee. -QC