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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

We're listening

Steve and I have been fielding a lot of questions since we announced this swim. Yeah, this is a new event and we're doing some fine tuning. We want this to be a positive experience and an accessible experience.

We've gotten some questions about the cost. This is an expensive race to put on. Lots of complicated logistics and permits and insurance. Some think our price is reasonable (including many in the open water swimming community) and a few have thought the price too high. This isn't a beginner race and we know the demographic that can afford the race fee and all the costs involved is limited. We know its not ever going to be a big race. We don't want it to be. Its an exclusive race and will take talent, experience, courage and money.  But . . .we will return 20% of the entry fee for each team that finishes before sunset.

The other group I've been hearing from is college students. Its expensive chasing that degree with increasing tuition costs and mounting student loan debt. If you are a current College Student with the proper swimming credentials, no entry fee for you or any team of all college students. We'll adjust as necessary for mixed college and non college teams. On a two person team if one member is a college student then its half price. Same with 6 person teams. We'll take 1/6 off for each college student on the team. We'll adjust accordingly.

Finally, for those who are putting together teams and really don't want to be fronting the money for the team, we can bill each member of the team separately.

Hope this helps.

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